About Alpha Communications

Alpha Communication's President and Founder, Ralph Benton, has been in the two-way radio communications industry for over 40 years. He has instilled in the Alpha Communication's family that honesty, integrity, and customer service are what drives a successful company.

who we are

Alpha Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of communications equipment, service, and installations in the state of Georgia and the U.S.

In 1989, Ralph Benton founded Alpha Communications, Inc. as a two-way radio dealer and cellular telephone installation company. Over the next two and half decades, Alpha has grown into a major two-way radio system provider and service center. At the same time the installation department has grown to become a nationwide mobile installation provider. Alpha has provided service to over one hundred and fifty(150) counties in Georgia, over forty(40) states, and Canada.

The two-way radio technical and sales departments service some of the largest school districts in Georgia. With over 100 years of technical and sales experience, the two-way radio department offers top of the line sales and service. Alpha offers two-way radio maintenance agreements. This includes all or some of the following: two-way mobile radios, two-way portable radios, repeaters, base stations, remotes, public address systems, GPS systems, stop arm cameras, and mobile video systems. Our maintenance customers include the following school districts:

  • Barrow County School Systems          Henry County School Systems
  • Clarke County School Systems           Oconee County School Systems
  • Clayton County School Systems         Walker County School Systems
  • Dekalb County School Systems          Walton County School Systems
  • Gwinnett County School Systems

  • Alpha Communications, Inc. also contracts with many important systems in the Atlanta area:

  • Americas Merchandise Mart              Georgia Dome
  • Cobb Galleria Center                          Georgia World Congress Center
  • The Georgia Aquarium                      Gwinnett Braves

Our installation department, with over 150 years combined experience, is the leading after market installation group in the country. The installation department has completed projects in over 150 counties in Georgia, over 40 states, and Canada. Our services include, but are not limited to: two-way radio, GPS systems, camera systems, stop arm camera systems, public address systems, child check systems, child detection systems, back up cameras, public safety lighting, DVD/TV, AM/FM/CD systems, school bus lighting systems, Illuminators, Driver Alert signs, and many more.

The Alpha Communications Team

Jason Benton - Vice President-- Has been with Alpha Communications for close to 20 years. Jason has an expertise in all of Alpha’s technical fields. Jason also heads up many of the Installation teams that travel across the country. He also handles: FCC licensing, low voltage communications in buildings, Security Camera systems, as well as any and all vehicular installations.

Todd Benton -Vice President-- Has been with Alpha Communications, Inc. for over 9 years. Todd handles many of the GPS and Camera installation accounts. He also works daily with school districts and all of their needs. He is frequently part of the installation teams that travel the U.S. and Canada. He handles many of the daily quotes and sales that are required from Alpha. He also works with the installation department in the field.


Todd Doster - Installation manager-- Has been with Alpha Communications for 20 years. Todd is the scheduling backbone to all of the installation needs of Alpha Communications customers. He makes sure that projects get completed in a timely manner and that they are completed at the standards that he requires. Alpha Communications is known as the best school bus installation company in Georgia and the Southeast. This is due to the commitment and standards that Todd Doster requires of the people in his department. He also possesses the skills to handle everything we do as a company from antenna systems in buildings to any installation in vehicles.

David Hilliard -Lead Installation Technician-- Has been with Alpha Communications for 21 years. David has played an integral part in the growth of Alpha Communications, from the days of cell phone installation to the present day work that Alpha does. David’s work ethic and commitment to excellence is exactly the type of service that Alpha wants to provide their customers. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, and hard work would be how Ralph and Alpha would describe David. He is part of the backbone of Alpha. He also possesses the skills to handle all of what Alpha does in the installation department.

Omar Mitchell - Installation Technician--Has been with Alpha Communications for close to 20 years. Omar has been with Alpha through the period of cell phones to the school bus installation that take place today. He is an instrumental part of the team, and can be called on to handle any of the installation projects that are needed of him.

Glenn Boatfield - Installation Technician--Has been with Alpha for nearly 13 years. Glenn has been an integral part of the Alpha Installation team. Anytime there has been a need to travel to get a job completed Glenn has been a “go to” man. Glenn has learned the installation trade and is now part of the first class installation team.

Larry Cranford - Installation Technician--Has been with Alpha for over 4 years. Larry came to Alpha at a time when the installation department needed help. What Alpha got in return was one of the hardest working employees they have had. Larry’s motto of going “any place, anywhere” has made him an unbelievable asset to the installation department. In Larry’s four years he has already mastered the art of all of the vehicular installation that Alpha offers. He is an integral part of the Alpha team.

Clay Garner - Installation Technician--has been with Alpha over three years. Clay has traveled over North America with the installation tem. With his strong understanding of the services that Alpha offers, Clay has become an important part of what we do and is an integral part of the installation team.

Mike Gulbranson - Installation Technician--Mike has been with Alpha just over two years. He has helped with school communication projects as well as school bus installation. He has become part of the installation team and continues to grow in the different aspects of Alpha’s services

Chris Shell - Installation Technician - Chris just recently joined our staff and has already become an integral part of the stop arm camera division as well as all school bus installation.

Office Staff

Amy Benton Hegwood – Customer Service--Amy started working with the family after her three boys started middle school. Amy maintains customer relations with a friendly voice as she serves as receptionist as well as office manager. Amy oversees incoming and outgoing orders to expedite quick delivery for complete customer satisfaction.

Patsy Benton – Accounting/Office Manager--Patsy is Ralph’s wife and joined him almost 15 years ago to become an important part of the business. She is the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable manager. Patsy also works with customer’s to help make their relationship with Alpha personable and reliable. Patsy enjoys sharing with you the joys of having ten grandchildren.

Service Department

Bobby House -Technical Manager--Has been with Alpha Communications for 16 years. Bobby handles all of the Two-way radio system needs for Alpha. He designs, implements, installs, and services some of the largest systems in Georgia. Bobby maintains systems from Walker County in Northwest GA to Houston County in south GA. Some of the top of the line systems that House takes care of include: Georgia Dome, the World Congress Center, GA Aquarium, Apparel Mart downtown, as well as some of the largest school systems in the state: Gwinnett, Henry, Clayton among others. Bobby has over 30 years of experience in two-way radio technology that is second to none.

Tesfaye Mengesha - Has been with Alpha Communications for over 6 years. Tesfaye came to Alpha as a technician when there was a need to fill the position. What Alpha Communications got was one of the best technicians that Ralph has seen in his nearly 40 years in the communications business. Tesfaye is professional, courteous, loyal, and an outstanding technician. He plays a vital role in keeping maintenance customers satisfied with the work he does.

Mike Miller - Has been with Alpha 11 years-- Mike has been an important part of the technical department of Alpha. He started out as the lead VCR repair technician, but he has transitioned to the two-way radio part of the business over the last few years.

For more informations please call Alpha Communictaions at 770.263.8843 or email us at tbenton@alphaci.net.