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Servicing over 150 Georgia Counties and 40 plus states in the U.S.

Installation Manager, Todd Doster, leads our first class installation team. Todd has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Alpha Communications, Inc. employs a team of full time installers with an average of over 15 years in installation. We are proud of the workmanship and quality our employees exemplify in every job they perform..

With over 150 years combined experience, our Installation Department offers a variety of services to satisfy your installation needs. Some of our services are listed below:

School Bus

Alpha Communications, Inc. is the National Leader in school bus after market installation. In the last 25 years, Alpha has professionally installed equipment in over 50,000 school buses nationwide. Our installation department installs and services all makes, models, and years of school buses including: Blue Bird, Thomas, IC, Collins, StarCraft, Micro Bird, Am Tran, Carpenter, Crown, and Corbeil buses. We will go wherever our customers need us nationwide. Visit the links below to see what our Installation Department offers:

Alpha Communications, Inc. can install all brands, makes and models.


Digital Camera Systems-Alpha Communications, Inc. partners with most camera system companies to install their products. ACI installs: 24/7 Security Inc., SEON, Angeltrax, REI, Gatekeeper, Silent Witness, Fortress, and many other camera systems. All installations are professionally completed at a factory approval quality. Cables are out of sight, cameras are secured, and DVR located where customer prefers. We have located and installed camera heads in almost all possible places on school buses.

Please Note: Alpha Communications, Inc. does not offer sales of camera systems

Public Address Systems-Alpha Communications, Inc. can provide and install public address systems. We can also include speakers for your buses if they are needed.

Please select to view our product line for Public Address Systems.

Please select to view our product line for Speakers.

AM/FM/CD Players - Alpha Communications, Inc. can provide and install all types of stereo and radio equipment in your buses. We also have the Public Address option built into the stereo available. You can also add the speakers, shown above, to the package for installation.


Child Detection Systems-Alpha Communications, Inc. installs all major brands of Child Detection systems. We plan to be able to provide the Rostra Student Detection system to our products in the near future.


Mobile TV/DVD solutions-Alpha Communications can provide and install DVD/TV systems in your fleet vehicles.

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ATV/Monitor Systems

School Bus Lighting-Alpha Communications, Inc. can provide and install many types of school bus lighting including: roof mounted strobe lights, corner strobes, fog lamps for dark roads with no lighting, etc.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) - Alpha Communications, Inc. also has the capability of installing GPS systems into large fleets. Our installation department has equipped some of the largest school bus fleets in America. Alpha also has installed systems into maintenance fleets, large city fleets, waste management fleets, etc. No matter the size of your fleet, Alpha Communications can accommodate your installation needs.

For more informations please call Alpha Communictaions at 770.263.8843 or email us at

Public Safety & Maintenance Vehicle Lighting

Public Safety and Maintenance Vehicle Lighting- Alpha Communications, Inc. can provide and install all lighting for your maintenance vehicle and public safety vehicle needs. Alpha can provide light bars, strobe lights, wig wags, etc. for your lighting needs.

For more informations please call Alpha Communications at 770.263.8843 or email us at

School Building Communications

Alpha Communications, Inc. Installation Department, along with the technical department's designs, has implemented repeater and BDA systems in hundred of schools. These systems enhance the ability of the radio communication of school administrators, teachers, security, custodial staffs, etc. These systems help with coverage problems in school buildings where the structure inhibits the two-way radio communications. Alpha can also equip your staff with a base station that will give a more high powered two-way radio use to contact areas that are a greater distance away i.e. Transportation Departments, Maintenance Departments, Security Departments, etc. Let Alpha Communications, Inc. advance your school's communications with one of our state of the art systems.

Repeater Systems-Alpha Communications, Inc. can add a repeater system to your school. This will require an antenna on your roof that will increase your two-way radio coverage area. Our installation team will handle the installation and the reprogramming of all of your radios to work with the new system.

BDA Systems-Bi-Directional-Amplification systems. Alpha's tech department has now designed and implemented dozens of BDA systems. These systems can enhance and amplify your two-way radio communications within your school to a much greater area outside of the school. All of the schools that have these systems are thrilled with the end product that Alpha has provided.

Base Stations-Alpha Communications, Inc. can also provide a stationary two-way radio that can be located wherever a school desires. These radios have more power than a portable two-way, and this allows for greater coverage for that radio. Many school's front offices have these for communications with transportation, school buses, or security.

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Building/Venue Communications

Alpha Communications, Inc. has implemented some of largest two-way radio "backbone" systems in the Atlanta area. Some of the major systems include the Georgia Dome, The Georgia World Congress Center, Americas Mart Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, The Gwinnett Braves Stadium and many more. Alpha Communications technical manager, Bob House, has over 30 years of experience in the radio industry. His knowledge is second to none in designing, implementing, and directing the installation of these systems.

Two-way Radio Repeater Systems-this includes stand alone repeaters, racked conventional repeaters, LTR trunking systems, and the newest digital systems that Kenwood and Vertex systems has available.


In Building Surveillance Systems- Alpha Communications, Inc. can also provide and install state of the art surveillance systems. Alpha Communications, Inc., Vice President, Jason Benton, has designed and installed numerous systems including the system being utilized and the Gwinnett Braves stadium in Duluth, GA.

For more informations please call Alpha Communictaions at 770.263.8843 or email us at

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Our installation department, with over 150 years combined experience, is the leading after market installation group in the country. The installation department has completed projects in over 150 counties in Georgia and over 40 states and Canada. Our services include, but are not limited to: two way radio, GPS systems, camera systems, stop alarm camera systems, public address systems, child check systems, child detection systems, back up cameras, public safety lighting, DVD/TV, AM/FM/CD systems, school bus lighting systems, illuminators, driver alert signs, and many more...


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